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Dip RM DTMT MFR Dip Reflex Cert Nutr

Remedial Therapy Achieving Real Results.

  • Leading Health Professional
  • Renowned Seminar Presenter
  • Successful Businessman
  • Best Selling Author
  • Record Breaking Cyclist
  • Award-Winning Musician
  • Inspirational Keynote Speaker
  • Blind from Birth

With over 22,000 hours of clinical experience, treating over 30,000 patients from outback farmers to Olympic athletes, Lorin Nicholson has certainly established himself as one of Australia’s leading and most respected deep tissue and remedial massage practitioners.

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After graduating in 1990 with high distinctions from Sydney’s Nature Care College, Lorin was immediately employed as a remedial massage therapist at the Tamworth Osteopathic Clinic. Despite being blind from birth, it soon became obvious that Lorin possessed a unique talent that was destined to bring relief to the lives of thousands of people. Within a few months, Lorin was promoted to senior remedial therapist and osteopathic assistant and worked full time in this role for over five years.

In 1996, Lorin then established his own private practice and despite the lingering negative public perceptions surrounding the massage industry and the somewhat sceptical views of various prominent medicos, Lorin continued on to forge one of the most successful massage therapy clinics in the country.

Aside from Lorin’s remarkable achievements, the true mark of his success is more accurately stated in the words of his own clients, with some Olympic athletes calling Lorin, “The Man With The Hands”, while others affectionately refer to him as, “The Miracle man”, because of his amazing ability to locate the exact source of the problem, coupled with his well honed advanced deep tissue and remedial massage techniques and in depth understanding of how the body works and the treatment necessary to bring lasting relief and restore function, mobility and quality of life to all of his patients.

In 2003 Lorin’s professional career took an interesting turn, when he decided to sell his remedial massage business and move his family to Mansfield, Australia to forge a new path as a motivational speaker. Since then, Lorin has now delivered a staggering 4000 inspirational keynote addresses and professional development seminars to over a million people throughout Australia, New Zealand, and the USA.

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In more recent times, Lorin was compelled by many to return to the health industry, not only to commence a new remedial therapy clinic in Mansfield, but to establish a new “Advanced Remedial Therapy Seminar Series, that would enable him to share his vast knowledge and clinical experience with other remedial massage therapists around the country and the globe.

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Lorin’s qualifications include;

Diploma in Remedial Massage
Diploma in Reflexology
Certificate in Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy
Certificate in Nutrition
Certificate in Myofascial Release
Advanced studies in Anatomy & Physiology